London based artist/filmmaker with a background in production design.
I create heightened worlds and utilise stylised aesthetics and dark humour as  tools to playfully disjoint dominant narratives. 

I see my work as a power-grab, an attempt to level the scales. My experiences of working as a woman in the service industry for 10 years have forcibly shaped my practice and informed the themes that I work with: power, sexuality, class and aspiration under late-stage capitalism.  

My film Trickle-down Economics won the Microshort Award at Iris Prize Festival 2023.

I am currently taking part in Radical Film School.

In 2018 I received a John Brabourne Award from the Film and Television Charity and was shorlisted for London Film Academy’s Pioneers award.

I was longlisted for the DYSPLA storymakers residency 2022 and was a runner up for Polyester Zine’s Queer Creative Fund 2022. 

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